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wires and waves

April 2003

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wires and waves

friends only

comment with your name, how you found me and some stuff about you, please!

please don't comment if:
* you are under fifteen
* we have nothing in common
* you are extremely conservative and journal about it often
* you don't plan to journal often (i journal everyday)
* you are truly not interested in becoming good friends

i've made some great friends on livejournal since i originally made this post. i'd love to make some more. i try to journal everyday, and i want to talk to you, but only if we really have things in common and you want to get to know each other. you don't have to comment on every entry or anything, and you don't have to be my age, but i hope we'll have something in common.


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Squee, you have such a purdy background... Added ya :)
There weren't enough picture of Goran. :P Added you, too.
Your background is....::mouth drop:: and can u add me pleaaase ::begs:: kiddin lol ..I added u
I'll add you, too. But then you have to tell me who you are. ;)
I added you...hope that's ok. You might have seen me at fan forum...I'm Helen anyway.
Oh, hey! Sure, I'll add you back. :)


Hey, Manda!! Thought you'd find a place without me (and apparently without Cal), but you thought wrong. LJ is the best.


Re: Mwahaha!

Oh, shit. :P Just kidding. Added you. And I'll get back to you soon on the fics. The letter you sent me .. everything sounds amazing.
Hi, we don't know each other very well but um, I'm Catie from FF. And well, saw your site and would love to read your LJ. =)
Hey, Catie. ::waves:: Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I was actually a little hesitant when you commented on the other entry, but I wasn't disappointed or anything .. I appreciate it muchly. ::nods:: So, of course, I'll add you. :)
Hey Manda! I added ya, I hope that's ok. :p
'Course it's okay! I went to add you last night but, surprise surprise, LJ said no. :P Added you.
Its your fellow SPA girl. ;) And if you really aaare Mandcy, you'll know what SPA stands for. hee. Added ya. Miss ya tons. *huggles*

Heeee, 'tis you! :D Added you back. ::hugsyoubacktimesonemillion::
Mandaaaaaaaaaa....oh Mandaaaaaaaaa....it's Jasie...
hi, i'm Sarah... add me?
Sure. =) Added.
sure. =) Meeting new people is always fun. Added.=)
Mandy! :) 'Tis Cindy. I haven't seen you around in a while and I started to think that you thought I was annoying and ditched me and I got sad and started to cry... it was a HUGE mess. ;)
Anyway, added you, add me?
Ahh .. me, ditch you? As if! ;)

Added. <3
Mandy, it's Kara.
Add me? :]
love the new name. added. <3
Helllo I dunno if you remember me but you were on my friends list a while ago.. I took everyone off due to.. stuff that was going on /: I'm more than willing to add youb ack now! Will you add me back?

My picture jernil is autumnnightfall add that too if youd like (:

add me and remove sicks_siren

Hey, remember me?

Hey! Its Feefs from FF. I just found an old comment of yours in my LJ, and went to check out yours but now its friends only :(

Can you add me?

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