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wires and waves

April 2003

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wires and waves

friends only

comment with your name, how you found me and some stuff about you, please!

please don't comment if:
* you are under fifteen
* we have nothing in common
* you are extremely conservative and journal about it often
* you don't plan to journal often (i journal everyday)
* you are truly not interested in becoming good friends

i've made some great friends on livejournal since i originally made this post. i'd love to make some more. i try to journal everyday, and i want to talk to you, but only if we really have things in common and you want to get to know each other. you don't have to comment on every entry or anything, and you don't have to be my age, but i hope we'll have something in common.


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We have bunches of common friends. And interests. Anyway, I'm Kat. May I read?
tell me something about yourself maybe? =)
I either found you on newfriends or penpals...I forget. Um...I like music, viual art, movies, writing...a lot of art. And thinking/casual philosophy...
added, what's your name?
hey lady, you should still have me under your friends!
Hey, I'm Heather from five foot one! Added you :D
awesome i'll add you back here in a minute
HI! I just saw your post over at JUDDD. I was pretty amazed - we have like the EXACT same stats. Love to know how it's coming. Add meee :)
It's onesilentbreath, Catie. Aaaaadd me, love. And give us some news.
sorry hon, i think when i went to add you before i read the add friend thing wrong and thought i added you, but i didn't. i added you now, babe.

let me catch you up in my life, so you don't have to read ridiculously long & depressing entries: my life is hell right now. :(

you, babe?
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