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well i'll go, i'll go

ship down; coast of 1987
29 December 1987

this guy is the most important thing in the world to me. we've been together since 090104 and i'm pretty sure he's stuck with me forever. my name is amanda. i'm nineteen years old and a nursing student. i love photography, color, music, art, helping people, and the spanish language. i'm desperate to be fluent one day. my dad, who is dominican, never taught me the language growing up, so i'm set on teaching my kids and giving them some extra opportunities when they get older. i'm also a reader and a writer, but lately my reads are all textbooks (zz). my cousin, joey, was born with neuroblastoma in july of 2005 and died six weeks later. he inspired me to work with babies one day, either in the NICU where we met so many great people who helped him or in labor & delivery. i am one of those people who picks their children's names out long before they're going to arrive. my goal in life is to raise a happy family, with my career always coming in second. i'm a vegetarian. i think that if you want to help the world, you can tackle one aspect of it, and i chose animal rights. i'm a liberal, and i met barack obama on four days ago (042207) and i hope we have this guy in office in 08. i'm not going to say i don't like republicans because that's judgemental, but i hate republicanism with a passion. i'm also passionate about gay rights and racial issues. i consider kelly clarkson good music, and i just don't care if you don't. i also love eisley and metric. music is great. i tend to write a lot, like right now. i love web design, and i'll be back to that soon.

accepted into loveisthebest
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